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Mittwoch, 2. Februar 2011

Dystopian Wars - My Federated States of America fleet

Dystopian Wars, one of my main projects at the moment from Spartan Games.

My Federated States of America Fleet is finished (except the Carrier) and my Empire of the Blazing Sun Fleet is proceeding as planned (4 Frigates done plus 2 bombers).

Although my gaming experience as of now is limited (3 games so far), I really enjoy DW so far. The flyer rules are definitly an improvement towards the Firestorm version. I have no problem with the fact that flyers/bombers once in the game are able to deal a lot of pain, but are unlikely ever to refuel/rearm. "One hit wonders" so to speak.

The only thing that bothers me in DW is the boarding. Let's face it, this is not a fantasy of ancient naval game. With guns that have an effective range of several kilometers, you manouevre your ship close to the enemy and send 100 guys in small rafts off, to capture his ship?

DW even uses the worst boarding mechanic of all three Spartan Games' systems. In Uncharted Seas you get a negative modifier to your shooting if half your crew is dead on the deck. Therefore boarding is a sound tactic, but has it's drawbacks too.

In Firestorm you could send your Assault forces out to attack an enemy ship, but you have to leave the crew on the ship. This prohibits a squadron of three cruisers to rush over the table and easily capture a battleship.

No enough talk, picture time (sorry for the bad lighting of some). The water is done with Vallejo Water Effect, which is applied with a sculpting tool in "upward" movements. It takes one night to dry, but looks great I think. Some would argue that you don't need to base ships, but I think it looks a lot better and in DW you don't need to have your ships hull to hull.

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