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Sonntag, 20. Februar 2011

Star Trek Fleet Battle - Using the Firestorm rules

Before last year I somehow got a Star Trek fever and the idea formed to play some fleet battles. Some ebay- and google-fu later, I found some companies (mostly japanese) that produced miniatures/toys in the right scale and quality.

My Federation fleet was quite cheap (3-4 € for the medium ships and 15 € for the big one), but my Klingon fleet depleted my hobby budget completely. I fell into the "Must have everything at once trap" and bought a lot of ships. So as this project got out of control, I became frustrated and put it aside.

Last saturday I finally had the chance to use both fleets and it was a good game. So I feel less guilty about me spending that much money on the ships. I used the Firestorm Armada rules, because they are easy to learn, make a nice and action oriented game and are still tactically interesting.

The Klingons used the Relthoza profiles, because the forward torpedos and cloak fields fit them well. The Federation used the Terrain profiles as they can fire torpedos in any arc, have shields and more crew, than assault troops. Both fleets used 3 cruisers, one battleship and 3 heavy cruisers.

A Ferengi marauder salvaged components of a destroyed Federation science vessel. The Klingons badly damaged the Ferengi ship, that is now drifting in an asteroid belt and are sending search parties to capture it. The Federation quickly assembled a strike force to get in the way of the Klingons' plans. The players could capture the Ferengi ship with assault troops or use a tractor beam to drag it off the table. There was a chance of 1 to 6, that the structural integrity of the ship collapsed and exploded.

Now pictures:

 A Konami Battleship.
 Vor'cha Attack Cruisers, repainted Micro Machines.
 Yamato cloaked Bird of Preys (Star Trek never gave consistent measurements, in fact there are 5 versions, so big and small Bird of Preys are completely usable)
 Klingon initial deployment.
 Federation. Nebula class from Furuta. Can't remember where the Galaxy class is from. The Excelsior class is from Furuta too.

 Both fleets clash in the middle. The asteroid field was moving 2 D6+3 from left to right.

 The Klingons dropped their and started firing, but the asteroid belt smashed into my forces (bad dice rolls) and damaged it.

 The beaten Klingon fleet tried to drag the Ferengi ship of the table, in this process destroying it. Still a moral victory for the Federation.

Star Trek nuts please bear with me, if the measurements of the ships are not 100% perfect, I personally like the look of my two fleets and that's good enough for me. Btw. I know that there are Star Trek pewter models, but they are smaller and pricier (and not even more detailed) than my alternative solutions.


  1. Great stuff, always wondered on the size of those Star Trek models, thanks for giving me some idea's :)

  2. Have you upgraded your fleet since this time you played?