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Sonntag, 6. Februar 2011

Some SYW Game pictures

Last year in October I had my first SYW game, after having finished my miniatures months before. One of our players in Berlin is a great game master and prepared some scenarions using the "Songs of Drum and Shako" rules.

I can' remember enough of the rules to write a review, but the rules played quite well. Nevertheless I got the feeling that some combinations of units are a bit unbalanced. Although my knowledge of this time period is limited, what struck me odd is that Grenadiers are just stronger in melee than normal soldiers. I will still use them, because they just look great in their yellow uniforms.

 At the beginning of your turn, you make a command role (1 to 3 dice) for your officer, to give a group of soldiers an order.

I screwed up every single dice roll and my whole force stood around 4 whole turns. Perhaps I could have played a bit less risky (3 dice gives you more activations but increases the risk of ending the turn without activation). So my opponent won the game, before I even had the chance to do anything. To add insult to injury my opponent collected the mission objective and shot most of my (lazy) soliders.

Without further addo, now some pics (we forgot to make more pics while trying to understand the rules):

                    My full force of Württembergers plus a French officer to keep them in line.
                                          The Freikorps giving a volley..
One lone Jäger is fighting for his survival
                                 The Generals discuss the subtleties of the rules.

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