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Samstag, 5. Februar 2011

Spartan Games Mechanical Ika (Squid) Preview is out

Here is the picture:

Sadly I have to say, that I'm quite disappointed. The body is ok, but not really anything more. The tentacles are what really bothers me. The "square" design of them just doesn't really fit the rest of the model. The fact, that two tentacles are longer than the rest may be anatomically correct, but it looks odd here.

Furthermore why do you place guns on the longest tentacles ? This makes them useless for the thing, that the Ika does best (if you don' want bent gun barrels): Grab ships. I would have preferred to have the one gun in the mouth of the Ika, grabbing a ship, drawing it close and firing it's mouth gun at close quarter. I think overall the tentacles look quite short too.

Still to be fair, I will wait for the final pictures of the miniature.

Glad that I purchased the base model for my next "giant sea creature":

Just imagine him with smoke stacks on his back, sending out dense clouds of black smoke, a cannon in the belly and stomping through the water to tackle enemy ships.

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