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Freitag, 4. Februar 2011

Mechanical Octopus !

As the Mechanical Ika for the Blazing Sun Fleet is quite far away, I started building my own.

I used a GW (new style) bottle cap as base structure, I added a lot of green stuff some nail heads and wire for the tentacles. The eyes will be painted like glass. The inspiration for the beast came from this great piece of art. Posted without permission.

The green stuff work is quite sloppy, but I hope a little brushwork can help out here. I still don't like working with green stuff, perhaps I should once try one of the many alternatives.

                                            *insert Dr. Zoidberg noise*
                                 "Fire damnit ! Give this wretched beast a volley !"
                                           "He's got the munchies now"

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