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Donnerstag, 17. Februar 2011

Skykings WW2 - Hangar 18 FSA - Review

Yesterday I received my (highly anticipated) Skykings order. I ordered one bomber, one flak cannon and a radar station. The casting is good, very little flash, good details and cleaning is quite easy.

In short, great value-for-money! Just 4$ for the bomber, 5.50$ radar station and a flak cannon for 2.75$ (plus a free saucer). I'm not a fan of the "base", but as the terrain pieces will be integrated into islands/hills they are not a problem.

From the size comparision pics you can see that they fit the Spartan Games stuff quite well and I'm sure would fit  to other 2mm or 6mm ranges as well (they could go for Scifi, Weird World War, etc.). Several of those buildings could be great targets for "Check your 6" style fighter games.

Comparision pic with a Spartan Games Uncharted Seas fortress. On the right the flak cannon and below the radar station.
 The plastic part for the radar tower is a nice touch.

 Pic with Dystopian Wars ships.

 A FSA bomber next to a German bomber and a saucer.

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