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Samstag, 28. Juli 2012

Battlefleet Gothic Tyranids - kitbash style

My first hive ship.
Three Kraken escorts.
One cruiser.

An good old friend of mine still has battlefleet gothic stuff and I'm looking forward to game with him again (after so many years). I'm very excited!

I bought a huge bag of Tyranid bits and searched some bitz shops and now I try to make some good looking ships ouf of this heap of stuff.

Some ideas (like the escorts) are shamelessly stolen, but I just loved the look of those ships. No idea about a paint scheme yet :-/

15mm Scifi Update

Three Alliance mechs patrolling my alien jungle world. I just have to paint some more plants...

Two Protolene Okami walkers. These form the backbone of my "alien cat people" army. One imaginary cookie for the guy you knows what kind of letters I used on them.
This is an 6mm transport ship from Demonscape, that I use as an orbital lander. I bought two of those, because it's just 4 pounds a piece.

Felid Jetbike from Khurasan.
This miniature is from the Critical Mass Games mercenary pack. A cool cyborg with a gatling. The bone coloured armour was an experiment and I'm really satisfied with the look.
Old H0 train stuff, that I converted to a watch tower, to hide from the bugs.
Khurasan Garn flesh eater
Rebel Minis scout mech