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Dienstag, 7. Februar 2012

Just another update..

Ahoy, in the picture below you can see another kind of "alien plant" I created. I have no idea, what kind of nuts these are, but I think they look great. The next batch will have red "grass" on top, to make them a bit more colourful.
Three finished Garn, one bounty hunter (Highlander Studios) and a Felid from Khurasan. I used this crew to attempt my first solo game. I used a mixture of Tomorrow's War and Ambush Alley. The Bugs activated like tougher zombies (longer detection range and faster) and were generated via hot spots.
Sorry for the blurred pictures....

I could acustomed to solo gaming, but I need to work on the rules. Too many overpowered Bugs (Troop Quality D8 - D10, 2D body armour, 5 dice in close combat per trio) meant that the games were very short ;) Still it kinda cool, when the Bugs came around the corner, spotted the group and rushed towards them.....and killed them in 1-2 turns.

The next game will have Bugs with TQ D8, 2 CC dice per figure, 1D body armour and a speed of 4" for the scorpions and 6" for the soldier bugs. The soldier bugs will keep their detection range of 8" (when not in LOS) and the blind scorpions 6".

I used 10 Khurasan Bugs, that I speedpainted with GW Tau Sept Ochre and some Dark Age scorpion thingies I painted some time ago. I'm thinking about changing the brown colour to the same yellow look.
"It's a trap!" That failed, as not a single bug fell...

I bought some new stuff. These are Felid Barons from Khurasan. I chipped the helmet off and one of the weapons, to make some power armoured elite soldiers. I'm quite pleased with the result. It just need some more greenstuff work.
 Below a Okami walker from Critical Mass Games, that I want to use as APC. Great kit, easy to clean and assemble. I also bought CMG Protolene Hunter Khans (name?), also great miniaturs, but I don't like the "brittle" pewter, because it makes bending the miniatures (to get more poses) quite difficult.
 Jetbikes from Khurasan. Very clean cast and gorgeous details, highly recommended.