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Samstag, 23. April 2011

Freitag, 22. April 2011

Yesterday we had our second Tomorrow's War/Force on Force game. Again we had a great time, because 15mm in general is a joy to play and the rule system is just top-notch. 

We tried to build a little town with a Tiberium crystal field nearby, a small space port, a lot of ruins from all the fighting and a central square (as always, the killing field).
 A rich Tiberium field with a mining mech and a silo. The mech is a cheap Mechwarrior Dark Age purchase.
 The generator and some civilian hubs forming the outskirts of the former city.
 The ruined centre with the "Justice square" and the "Statue of Dominion", that are a symbol of the Galatic Alliance's supreme rule over the Acturian Star Cluster. Still, the sudden attacks of the relentless robotic enemies has proven to be quite a test for the Alliance military.
 The not yet deployed forces are ready for a fight.

 The small space port with a radar dish, that is unusable for the Alliance forces, because of the robotic jamming abilities, that make it hard to communicate or deploy artillery.

 The robot forces consisted of "Blue Squad" with 6 robots and "Bone Squad" also 6 robots. Plus a huge walker (Wizkids Starwars toy), two light support mechs and one weapon platoform with two crew robots. They had a troop quality of Veteran, high confidence, Veteran to Elite Moral, Techlevel 3, were well supplied, had heavy body armour and Laser rifles. The vehicles of both armies were only of trained quality. Veteran vehicles shouldn't be used in large quantities, I think.

 The taskforce "Judgement" consisted of two Titan Marine squads, one subhuman auxiliary unit, two speeder bikes, one APC and a medium Jump-Mech. The Titan Marines had a TQ of Veteran, the subhumans and vehicles of Trained. Further they had Techlevel 3, High confidence, Veteran moral, were well supplied, had boby armour and Gauss rifles. Both forces were designed to be equally strong in most aspects to get a better feel for the game and how much impact changes to the stats make, without one force slaughtering the other.

 My Jump-Mech, former AT-43 tacarm trooper, that is big enough to have a pilot and looks great with 15mm infantry.
 Medic Wall-E is responsible for collecting the seriously wounded and carrying them from the field.
 The right hand robot flank.
 Left hand robot flank, that showed quite some self-preservance tendencies (aka cover hugging).
 After seeing the big mech stomping towards the, my right hand flank decided to re-deploy to the center, which proved to be a bad move, as it allowed the robots to perform a pincer move.

 The Titan Marines dismounted and sought cover in the ruins.
 The subhumans suffered from very accurate heavy Walker fire the whole game.
 The robots close the gap on one flank...
 while keeping the pressure up on the other.
 Most of my forces were pinned down in their positions and being agressor I somehow couldn't put it to use. Our theory is, that being the Agressor is much more worth it, if you are playing with an objective, e.g. you have to move in close.
 Tough little bastards kept this flank up till the end game. The incompetent mech pilot lost the fire fight with the weapons platform and bailed out twice.

 Wall-E is bringing the brave wounded home, so they can fight again for the mother-nation.
 These two guys kept flying arround too long and completed their flanking move too late and even managed to lose one man against the light mech on this side.

 Finally the mech and the last subhuman goes down to accurate laser rifle fire.

 Failing his overwatch shooting actions the APC crew bails out after a hit and is shot hiding behind their broken down tank.
I lost, but still had a blast playing. Still we had a great game and really improved our understanding of the rules.

Samstag, 9. April 2011

Gruntz Testgame in 15mm

"Rebellion ! Some Xenos have decided that everlasting peace in the Galactic Alliance isn't enough. So a rag-tag bunch of different alien species managed to get hold of some weapons and even two Mechas and started to attack Alliance settlements. Our government responed immediately and sent the only proper answer: The might of the Titan Marines".

Initial deployment:
 One squad Titan Marines plus a heavy tank up in front, the Commander in the back and on the other side a squad of Power Armour troopers.
 One walker, one mixed Rebell squad and one snakemen on one flank. One of the two mechas supported their advance.
 The second walker prepared a flank manoveur and a squad of space dwarfs advanced into cover.

 The mechanic stays clos by the tank to repair it.

 Close quarter fire fights erupt everywhere.

In the end, the Titan Marines lost, because the second mecha was just brutal and they had I think more points at their disposal (I used the Gruntz beta rules, that don't have a point system till now).