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Freitag, 18. Mai 2012

Dystopian Wars freighters and troop carriers

I finally bought the Tamiya 1:700 scale Tugger set, that included all the ships you see on the picture plus some smaller ones.

I think they are big enough to be objectives in an Escort/Convoy game, but small enough not to take up too much board space.

Khurasan Ogre beetle finished

Somehow I'm not satisfied with how my miniatures turn out these days, but I'm really satisfied with this Khurasan Ogre beetle that I finished:

The base colour for the "yellow" bugs is Tausept Ochre from GW and the drybrushing is done with a mix of the base coulour and Bleached Bone.

Dienstag, 1. Mai 2012

15mm Scifi progress

 Mecha Action! Someone on TMP recommended these Armored Core models. 7$ for this beauty shipping included was a great bargain. I will change or convert the weapons, as they look to anime-like and don't fit to the rest of my 15mm stuff.

 Rackham sold the last of their stock so several retailers and I hat to buy those TAC Arms suits. Perfect little assault mechas for my Galactic Alliance forces. They are pre-painted, but I'll try a different paint scheme.
 Finally my bug horde got a big bruiser to storm those human fortresses. Truly beautiful kit from Khurasan.
A Star Wars model from Revell, that turned out to be too small for a real dropship, so I will use it as crashed recon ship.