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Samstag, 31. Dezember 2011

6mm Scifi and a Happy New Year

My next (small) project: 6mm Scifi !
I have to admit, that using a lot of tanks is way easier with 6mm, although I will stay true to 15mm for everythin else. I just plan to make a small (60x60cm / 2x2) board with a lot of buldings to create the impression of a future urban battlefield.

The tanks are from Plasmablast Games, with the exception of the big tank (last picture in front) that is a converted Brigade Models one. The brown buldings are from Demonscape (available on ebay) and the rest from Monsterpocalypse.

I wish you (in all the different timezones) a happy new year, all the best and may the force be with you (always!) !

Montag, 19. Dezember 2011

My 15mm fantasy terrain and table plus a small battle scene

Hi, there! It's picture time again. I could achieve some further progress for my 15mm Fantasy project. The gaming mat you see in the picture below was made for my by a great fellow gamer in Berlin. He perfected a technique using a canvas, a lot of different flock and an acryl joint-sealer (don't really know if this is the correct description). Here is a link to a pictured (sadly only in german) tutorial and some pictures of the finished product:

The  trees are from ebay. A guy sold 43 of his H0 trees, as he seems to have used enough of those. The little hut is from Splintered Light Miniatures. The two watchtowers are self-made.

The stone-skull (an Orc totem) is made from styrofoam, that was carved out of a cube, then I applied a lot of wood glue and then I could spray it. Styrofoam tends to be destroyed by a normal spray paint otherwise.

This little barrier/barricade is from the Games Workshop "Battle of the Skullpass" box set and can be found at some Warhammer bitz stores.

The whole beauty from the dragons perspective. The beauty of it is, that I can pack the terrain in a shoe box and roll the mat and just take it with me.

The pauldron is from the GW bretonian archers, if I remember correctly.

Some GW Lord of the Rings ruins.

One of my favorite miniatures at the moment. One of the four elementals from Rebel Minis.

I'm quite pleased with the "wet water" look, that I tried to achieve.

An earth elemental with some moss growing on him.

A Splintered Light Dwarf that leads a small warband to support the human weaklings.

I finally finished my giant spider! The spider is from GW (wood goblins), the howdah selfmade and the crew from Splintered Light. I'm not 100% satisfied with the colouring of the spider and the wood, but overall it still looks nice.

Some battle scenes. Supported by an elvish mage, the knights try to break into the orc battle lines.

Orc reinforcements approach from the flank with their terrifying giant spiders and swarms of their smaller kin.

Evil magic and brute force patiently waits in the orc camp to attack at the right moment.

Samstag, 12. November 2011

Yes, still alive....


sorry to all of my readers, but moving 600km and starting a new job 40h a week did limit my hobby time quite a lot.

As the flat I'm living in, is only a temporary solution I only brought my 15mm Scifi and Fantasy stuff with me and focus an the latter.

 Bought this one from my little sister for 7 €. With a little green stuff and a good paintjob, I think it will look great and menacing.

Some Splintered Lights Orcs with my frist try of warpaint. Beautiful miniatures, the limited selection of poses is not really a problem, because with a little bending you can easily create new poses.

The "soul catcher of Grundelberg" a cursed undead jester, that draws his victims in with his music and eats their souls. Often his hellhounds (Rebel Minis undead dogs) hunt with him and feast on the fleshly remains of his victims.....

Every hero party needs a mule or two. This one is from I will paint at least two of these, because they are also great as scenario objectives.

 A Splintered Lights wraith that got a new weapon.
 Two of the Blood Dawn orcs. They are huge and fantastic sculpts. I will use them as an well muscled orc subspecies, that serves as frontline fighters.
One of my orc heroes (SL). I imagine him as a warrior priest who works himself in a holy rage (his tatoos start to glow brightly) and smashes his enemies with the help of his orc gods.

My fist giant spider. The howdah is from wooden stripes (Mc Donalds Coffee stirrer). The crew is from Splintered Lights and the spider is from GW.

A great bargain! Got this church from one of my favorite retailers. Just 18 € for this massive resin model.

The first watch tower for my orc camp. It has enough space for two orc archers.

Second watch tower with room for one archer.

An obelisk painted like crystal. I will make several of those for whatever magical ritual I will imagine.

My assembled human Empire force. "Guards, knights, squires, prepare for battle" Quote from the brilliant Excalibur movie. I will use them for Game of Thrones (left House Stark and right House Lannister) and for my  Fantasy setting.

The stone skull is made from several layers of styrofoam.

The spearhead of the orc army....

The orc shaman is casting a spell using a cauldron full of green ooze.

I hope I will find the time to post more often and hope you still bother to watch this page for news.

Freitag, 19. August 2011

Old project with new life - Dystopian (Land) Wars


before I add the descriptions to my last post (which could take a while), I'm going to show off my "new" life for my Dystopian Wars forces.

I really like all the DW land forces, except the medium prussian tanks, so it was just a matter of time before I invested in some small but highly detailed tanks.

I decided to give the miniatures desert bases, becauses with 3 colours and some dry-brushing I think you get a very nice effect. The japanese tanks are painted in the same scheme that I used on my ships. To accompany the desert theme I wanted to create some terrain pieces that would also go well with my islands (see one of the earlier posts).

I'm going to build a Japanese and a British force. For the British I will go with a deep red colour.

Now onto pictures: