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Dienstag, 27. März 2012

Start of a possible 15mm Post Apocalypse Project

From my grandfather I got a lot of railway buildings (some still in box and scale H0) and a lot of them could fit into a postapocalyptic world (Fallout 3 style). So I decided to build a small table.

Miniaturewise I'll go for Khurasan (as always), Ground Zero Games and Thescene.

Imagine these two burger/snack stands dust filled, with bullet holes, broken glass and washed out colours. The glass will be added after the paintjob.


  1. Just picked up some of Khurasan's post-apocalypse figs myself, eager to see what you do for terrain.

  2. That´s cool idea ! During renovation of my old flat these days, I found a cardbox full of old HO-scale buildings from our 40 y old railway. So let´s see what you do with it...greets from Berlin

  3. How big is that tracked "Armored Core" hull?