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Mittwoch, 21. März 2012

Picture update - Bug horde and Felids, stuff

This is the Space Pals Bounty Hunter from Highlander Studios. I just love this minature and so I tried to make a better picture.

BUUGGGS! (never gets old). I painted 16 Khurasan bugs and added some old and some new Tyranid rippers plus a Dark Realm Skyths. I'm experimenting with picture manager software and the colour correction is working fine on some pics and bad on others.

Watching and reading too much "Power armour versus bugs" stuff, I'm assembling a bug horde plus power armoured troops.

These abore are my Felid power armour conversions. I bought three more so I have a full squad.

More soldiers for my "cat people" army.

Had these crystals lying around for a while and I'm quite satisfied with the result.
Althought the colours are a little bit "overdone", I present you an overview of my alien world table so far.

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  1. I came here to look you DW work, but these bug minis are just great. Excellent tabletop!