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Montag, 5. März 2012

Some more troops and a growing forest of alien flora

Finally I finished my fist Garn squad. Escpecially the skin was fun to paint, as drybrushing and a solid wash worked wonders. I still have 3 Garn left, but finally I can use them as a fireteam for AE Bounty Hunter or Tomorrow's War.
These are my favorite conversions in my whole collection. Battle robots from with sculpted backpacks, visors and broader hips to look like Starcraft marines and a firebat. The visors are a pain in the neck to sculpt, but I think it was worth it. Still I don't feel the urge to make more than 5 of those ;)

Space Pals from Highlanders Studios: You should buy one of those sets, because it's for a good cause and you get three of the best space opera characters ever. The fury carpet got an bionic eye(-patch).

The big ass alien skeleton pieces are from a cheap magazin that came with a big lion skeleton. But even its size didn't protect it from the hordes of bugs....
That's it so far with my alien forest. Some exotic nuts, some dried plants and aquarium stuff. More to come, because I'm fed up with alien worlds that have earth-like vegetation (reason: Lazy gamers).
These are 6mm Demonscape buildings that are really cheap (sold on evilbay), but work as 15mm generators and stuff as well.

The red fat guy and hi unpainted friends are VOR/VOID growler pups. You can buy them from Ral Partha for a nice price and they make great local alien creatures. Sizewise I think they are perfect! I'm not sure which colour I will use on the unpainted ones.

The turquoise/yellow miniatures are Hunter Khans from Critical Mass Games. I'm really satisfied with the colour scheme, although I'm not sure how well it's gonna work on those Khurasan Felids.


  1. Great looking terrain and figures, very imaginative.

  2. You've been busy. They look great but I'd love some close ups.

  3. @Lead Legion, close ups of what exactly? I can try close ups, but with my camera nothing can be guaranteed.

  4. Just read through all your 15mm sci-fi posts, some really inspiring stuff there. I especially like your alien worlds terrain, lovely stuff, you should check out CMG's Salute table, you'd like it .
    The temptation for me to make some terrain, despite having no board and no-where to keep it, is overwhelming.