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Dienstag, 1. Mai 2012

15mm Scifi progress

 Mecha Action! Someone on TMP recommended these Armored Core models. 7$ for this beauty shipping included was a great bargain. I will change or convert the weapons, as they look to anime-like and don't fit to the rest of my 15mm stuff.

 Rackham sold the last of their stock so several retailers and I hat to buy those TAC Arms suits. Perfect little assault mechas for my Galactic Alliance forces. They are pre-painted, but I'll try a different paint scheme.
 Finally my bug horde got a big bruiser to storm those human fortresses. Truly beautiful kit from Khurasan.
A Star Wars model from Revell, that turned out to be too small for a real dropship, so I will use it as crashed recon ship.

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