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Mittwoch, 29. Juni 2011

New stuff painted..

My Bachelor Thesis is currently eating up all my time and I'm glad when I finally can leave University behind. Three years should be enough....

Nevertheless in the time between writing and cursing, I managed to paint some stuff:

 The first miniature of a new project? 15mm Game of Thrones has been on my mind since the show started on HBO.This is my version of the "Kingslayer".

 First Praesentia Squad finished.

 Fist Praesentia support weapon. I think the Eldar Design fits them well, two crew man are still to be painted.

 In the background you can see the Manta Carrier (wip) from Firestorm Armada. My Praesentia use it as an antigrav tank that has a particle cannon in it's mouth and launches small attack drones.

Repainted Monsterpocalypse figure, a biotech Praesentia scout mech.

Top view from the Manta.

Kaamados Dominion Aagamid Squad. I definetly need more of this guys, even more because I could finally realise my dream paint scheme: rich purple and a warm gold tone.

Protolene Scout Walker for my Felids plus an Antigrav tank from Khurasan.

This will be my heavy assault mech for the Alien Federation, I think I will use the original paint scheme. Still not sure, how I will convert the head. The figure is the AT 43 A-volution Cog hero.

A Shikaari or as they call themselves "riders of the wind", an alien race that through telepathy managed to tame giant insects and ride on them into battle.

Second rider is nearly finished. The insect is a Shyrack from Wizkids Star Wars and the rider from Critical Mass games (Mercernaries).

This beast was a real pleasure to paint! Best tank on the market.

Grizzly Squad finished, superb miniatures.


  1. Like tham all. I also like that your collection just stand on bookshelf like mine :)

    15mm Game of Thrones? So you interested in 15mm individually based fantasy?

  2. I went with the same paint scheme for my Corvus Belli miniature - I guess he just IS Jaime for anyone who have read the books or seen the show :)

  3. pretty good looking army, I will be doing something similiar.