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Sonntag, 10. Juli 2011

In our Berlin tabletop community (centered around the board and the Battlefield Berlin store) we try to meet once every month to game all kind of different stuff. Most of the times, several players bring some presentations or their finished projetcs to show them to the public.

Yesterday one of our accomplished gamemasters brought his "Dungeon Crawl that fits in a shoebox" with him. He used D&D Fourth Edition with some homegrown tweaks. For miniatures he tried to get a hold on as many old Citadel miniatures as he could.

You can see more pictures of the Dungeon here (if you need something translated, just comment below):

You moving forward, more tiles would be added and more grim foes would jump out of the shadows. The only flaw that the game had was that it was not in 15mm ;) Smaller figures leads to bigger Dungeon space for the same money/work, leads to more possibilities, bigger monsters in comparision etc....

The mighty heroes gather. From left to right in MMORPG terms, the Dwarf tank, the half-elf rogue/assasine, the damage-dealer mage and the support/healer druid (played by me).
 Two grim orcs threaten an old merchant with their rusty blades....

 The heroes arrive in battle formation (mage and druid way in the back to guard the rear ;) )
 The assasine jumps the second orc, while the tank keeps the orcs attention on him.
The only thing my druid really accomplished, slaying an (3/4 dead orc) with his hammer.

Our heroes venture forth. The path to the right is blocked by a gap to wide to be jumped over (the dwarf refused to be thrown). Although guttural sounds could be heard behind the doors our greedy adventures opened the door and....

 Were faced with even more orcs!

 Sadly when our group encountered a troll family I had to leave (for a Women World Cup Soccer game that was lost and the end for the German team in the tourney......should have stayed and played some more)

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