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Mittwoch, 8. Juni 2011

Our first multiplayer game of Force on Force. Again we just used the basic rules, but I really want to use the Tomorrow's War add-on to represent the forces on the table better. 

Four players were present, two of them being fresh recruits to the glorious world of 15mm Scifi. To quote old Ben Kenobi: "You have taken your first step into a larger world".

On to the game, we played the NATO vs. Warsaw Pact scenario from the FoF book and my living room table with structured wall paper and all the terrain we could muster and carry. The goal of the Alliance was to get as many verhicles to the down edge of the board as possible.

"The Alliance has had enough. All over the Galaxy planets are rebelling and dare to attack the government, that has brought peace and order to thousands of worlds. The giant has awoken and is going to show how treachery is dealt with. This time it will not be the giving hand but the iron fist!" Central Galaxy News, 2263
"The lush jungle world of Khalis. Alliance forces approach an outpost deep in the rain forests to use one of the few roads that lead to the space port of the planet. The force was composed of four APCs, one MBT and 36  soldiers led by Commander Marosa. Although on alert because of the dangerous jungle predators, the advancing convoy was unaware of what waited ahead."
"Unknown human forces set an L-shaped ambush in the outpost, ready to spring the trap anytime."
"Two anti-tank droids were brought in position, crewed by elite soldiers, that would make the Alliance pay a heavy price."
What you see here are nicely painted Khurasan Federal Marines.
"Two spider tanks hide unter a bridge as a last line of defense." Both Infinity Yu-Jing drones.

"The Alliance enters the field, one APC scouting ahead, followed by a Reaper MBT. Manned by a green crew, the APC couldn't spot the ambushers and passed right in front of them"
"The rest of the convoy arrives, a mix of several APCs fully loaded with 10 soldiers each."

"The trap is set off! The first APCs gets hit by an anti-tank missle and is immobilized."

"Being more experienced the tank crew spots a squad of enemy soldiers, that wanted to attack the dismounting Alliance troops, and attacks them with accurate cannon fire."
"There! A second anti-tank droid emerges and fire a well-aimed shot at the Reaper tank blowing off its main cannon reducing it to a fire magnet role for the rest of the battle"

That's one of my dice rolles, nothing unusual ;)
"The superior firepower drives the attacker back"
"Commander Marosa personally leads the attack of her War Maidens squad."

"The convoy gets stuck in a bottleneck and is pounded by heavy artillery fire"

"Disembarking the brave Alliance troops try to fight a real battle and not be slaughtered from cowardly ambushers"

Posthumously a soldier named Bob got a medal for being one of the deadly droid teams, that killed one APC after another without fleeing or dying.
"The spider tanks emerge from their hiding and add their fire to the droid teams"

Another nice dice roll...
"The Reaper tank soaks up even more fire, but refuses to succumb to it." Actually it had a destroyed main gun and a damaged firing system, so it was driving around trying to get some machine gun shots off.

"Having done enough damage to the Alliance vehicles and slowly losing to the infantry, the unknown attackers retreat, satisfied with their work"

"One huge explosions lightens up the sky, as the attackers try to play one last ace: A tri-wing attack jet that tries to bomb the Alliance forces, but is shot down by an opposing fighter jet, before it could unload its deadly cargo."
"Returning from a hunting trip, clearing the jungles around the outpost of dangerous animals, a sniper teams adds its firepower to the defenders"
Although we made some grave mistakes e.g. using the anti-tank guided missiles rules, we had a great game. The scenario worked fine and is quite challenging. I was amazed to see how my living room table can be transformed to a full-grown jungle world.  

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