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Samstag, 11. Juni 2011

Some progress to show on my 15mm front.
Fist of, the beautiful Rhino MBT from Brigade Models. I used a GW landspeeder missile launcher to have it look more like an IFV. I also enlarged the troop compartment with plastic card, to get 5 man in there without the clown car effect. I will soon order one more and have a whole army with transport vehicles.

Some heavy support, a laser armed attack craft. This is actually a Tron glider that I got for 5€ at ToysRus.
Two 1/144 AAV. Got those two for 3€ each and they are big enough to carry four to five subhumans to battle.

My first squad of power armoured troops, I really like how they turned out. The red was a good choice with the grey armour. The miniatures are from Critical Mass Games and as always are of outstanding quality.
One of the two options I'm thought about for starting an alien force. Felid pride guard from Khurasan.

So I couldn't decide between the Kaamados Dominion from CMG (see picture below on the right) and the Felids mentioned above, therefore I'm building a mixed alien force. Doing so I can use all the wonderful alien miniatures I acquired so far. The alien federation is led by the oldest and wisest of all races: The Praesentia (CMG). They are the last hope of the galaxy against an enemy older and deadlier than even the might Galactic Alliance. Only the Praesentia know of this evil as it was lurking in the shadows so far to gain strenght: Space Cthulhu! (another new army: Octopods plus Khurasan cultist and Monsterpocalypse Monsters)

I'm btw very satisfied with my first Praesentia above, because the colours really looks like an old and enlightened race.

Of course I will include Khurasans Ursids, bears with sunglasses, cigars and fusion guns, can't get any better?! I added sime armour and an energy fist to the leader. You should really buy some Ursids, just do it!


  1. A brilliant collection of figures and excellent paint jobs. I do like what you've done with the 'Sons of Thunder' as I haven't had any inspiration for painting them, yet. And the AAVs seem to really suit them - almost like some sort of tunneling machine, though not as obvious as the Chewk tunneller.