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Sonntag, 8. Mai 2011

Army and comparision Pics

Just some new pictures. They show both forces I'm currently working on. The first is the Galactic Alliance Forces that I used in the battle reports. It consists of miniatures from several manufacturers in different colours and to justify this fluff-wise: The Galactic Alliance is led by one ruling House, but several other Houses form the backbone of the realm. Every House is obliged to muster forces for the Alliance military. The amount of soldiers/weapons and the site of operation is decided by the current Emperor, therefore securing his close grip on the other Houses expenses and military. If one House gets to powerful they will be asked to draft in a huge number of soldiers just to send them in hopeless battles by the Emperors will. This leads to a loss of wealth and prestige.

The second force is the classic bug/tyranid/swarm-like wave of destruction.

Yesterday I received the in my opinion best tank kit in 15mm (not only Scifi): Khurasans Siler Tank. I possess tanks from Critical Mass Games, Old Crow miniatures, Ground Zero Games and Battlefront, but the Siler is my absolute favorite.

Besides from being a beast sizewise, the detail is crisp and beautiful and I love the design. Everytime I look at the two gatling guns at the side of the turret, I imagine them shooting anti tank missiles out of the sky or obliterating enemy infantry while the tank is lumbering through the streets of a city under siege. The price of 17$ is justified in my opinion because of the size and quality of the details. CMG or Old Crow are cheaper but have less details.

The price also shows us how ridiculously overpriced Battlefront is (14$ for a Tiger, that is not even half the size of the Siler).

Will we have huge lumbering MBT in future warfare ? I don't know and I don't care ;) Against giant bugs, monsters from space, robotic titan warmachines etc. my boys need the biggest tank they can get and I can afford to buy. I'm really looking forward to send this behemoth into battle.

Next to a Rebel Minis Titan Marine.
Walking robot howitzer, converte from GZG and some AT-43 parts.
10 Titan Marines, 8 Subhuman Auxiliaries, two light mech drones with an engineer, medic Wall-E, two jet bikes, one robot support gun, one flying drone for marking artillery targets, one APC and a MBT.

Dutch and his friends from Predator, they will be my stealthy elite unit infiltrating the enemy territory. Plus on the left an AT-43 Tacarm that serves as a medium Mech.
Bugs!!!! Dark Realm 6mm, except the acid ball throwing creature, that is from the Epic Tyranid range (dactylis).
The eyes are everywhere and they will find you.....

Sadly these things are too expensive on ebay to get a lot of them.

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