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Sonntag, 1. Mai 2011

Second Tomorrow's War game - Using the new FoF book

The title is some kind of a misnomer, because we were just using the FoF rules without any TW additions. Still a great game that, with the help of the new book, helped us to really get a grasp of the mechanics. We played the "Top Malo" scenario where a group of royal marines tries to dislodge Argentine forces of a building.

Elite Elements of the Titan Marines Corps along with some subhuman auxiliaries were sent to destroy a rebel outpost, that turned out to be in possesion of three squads of the "Iron Warrior" menace. They even had support from some notorious (and well equipped) mercenary scum.

The task force was lead by the rising star of the war, a young female Titan Marine Commander, that the rebels really would like to get some more intel on.

She deployed her forces in a pincer movement with one support (heavily armed) and one attack group on either flanks. The objective was to destroy the enemy outpost, kill as much of the defenders as possible and come home with minimal casualties.

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