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Samstag, 9. April 2011

Long time no post.....

Life ate my hobby time away the last weeks. Currently I'm an intern in the HR department of a large company and I'm working 8-10h a day plus I have to write a report and my bachelor thesis.

I haven't gamed in a long while (except on the PC the great Dawn of War 2 Last Stand) and I really miss it.

At least I started painting again, currently I'm building a bug/tyranid/ant - army for 15mm Scifi. I'm using a mix of 6mm Dark Age miniatures, Epic 40.000 Tyranids and 40k Tyranids (second edition e.g.).

The pending release of Force-on-Force (already pre-ordered) also gave me much needed boost to paint some 15mm Scifi vehicles and infantry.

What really dampens my whole hobby enthusiasm down is that I will move away from Berlin in about 4 months. In whichever city down in the South of Germany it should be quite hard, compared to a city like Berlin, to find players that play something alternative and not GW or PP.

So the whole time I ask myself why I should paint and buy stuff if I perhaps don't even get the chance to play with it ? The argument that painting/modelling in itself is fun and rewarding, somehow doesn't convince me a as much as it should. Especially as I know that painting/modelling is a great part of the recreation that I need after work.

Now some old pictures for you to look at in the next post.

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