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Samstag, 9. April 2011

Gruntz Testgame in 15mm

"Rebellion ! Some Xenos have decided that everlasting peace in the Galactic Alliance isn't enough. So a rag-tag bunch of different alien species managed to get hold of some weapons and even two Mechas and started to attack Alliance settlements. Our government responed immediately and sent the only proper answer: The might of the Titan Marines".

Initial deployment:
 One squad Titan Marines plus a heavy tank up in front, the Commander in the back and on the other side a squad of Power Armour troopers.
 One walker, one mixed Rebell squad and one snakemen on one flank. One of the two mechas supported their advance.
 The second walker prepared a flank manoveur and a squad of space dwarfs advanced into cover.

 The mechanic stays clos by the tank to repair it.

 Close quarter fire fights erupt everywhere.

In the end, the Titan Marines lost, because the second mecha was just brutal and they had I think more points at their disposal (I used the Gruntz beta rules, that don't have a point system till now).

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