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Samstag, 21. Januar 2012

Some alien flora for 15mm Scifi

As I'm not a huge fan of Near Future Scifi (20 - 50 from now on earth without aliens) and prefer "real" Scifi, as it provides a million more options and just is way more exciting to me: I tried to build some cheap nice looking alien flora for newly discovered worlds.
I saw those in a store for decoration stuff for 10 cents a piece and bought 15 pieces. Painted in vivid colours (inspired by Avatar's Pandora), I think they look rather nice. They can also double as spawning pods or tunnel entrances for local insectoids ("Bugs!").
From this angle you can se the orange drybrushing.
Those are pecan nuts that I grouped together in trios and painted them in the brightest yellow I could find.
A garn heavy weapon soldier makes his way through the exotic wilderness. I really like the blue tone.
But beware! A crab monster attacks.... (Khurasan sponk painted like an image of a bug I saw in one of my little sisters books about insects, very helpful!)

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