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Montag, 19. Dezember 2011

My 15mm fantasy terrain and table plus a small battle scene

Hi, there! It's picture time again. I could achieve some further progress for my 15mm Fantasy project. The gaming mat you see in the picture below was made for my by a great fellow gamer in Berlin. He perfected a technique using a canvas, a lot of different flock and an acryl joint-sealer (don't really know if this is the correct description). Here is a link to a pictured (sadly only in german) tutorial and some pictures of the finished product:

The  trees are from ebay. A guy sold 43 of his H0 trees, as he seems to have used enough of those. The little hut is from Splintered Light Miniatures. The two watchtowers are self-made.

The stone-skull (an Orc totem) is made from styrofoam, that was carved out of a cube, then I applied a lot of wood glue and then I could spray it. Styrofoam tends to be destroyed by a normal spray paint otherwise.

This little barrier/barricade is from the Games Workshop "Battle of the Skullpass" box set and can be found at some Warhammer bitz stores.

The whole beauty from the dragons perspective. The beauty of it is, that I can pack the terrain in a shoe box and roll the mat and just take it with me.

The pauldron is from the GW bretonian archers, if I remember correctly.

Some GW Lord of the Rings ruins.

One of my favorite miniatures at the moment. One of the four elementals from Rebel Minis.

I'm quite pleased with the "wet water" look, that I tried to achieve.

An earth elemental with some moss growing on him.

A Splintered Light Dwarf that leads a small warband to support the human weaklings.

I finally finished my giant spider! The spider is from GW (wood goblins), the howdah selfmade and the crew from Splintered Light. I'm not 100% satisfied with the colouring of the spider and the wood, but overall it still looks nice.

Some battle scenes. Supported by an elvish mage, the knights try to break into the orc battle lines.

Orc reinforcements approach from the flank with their terrifying giant spiders and swarms of their smaller kin.

Evil magic and brute force patiently waits in the orc camp to attack at the right moment.


  1. He Jan, das sieht mal verdammt Stimmungsvoll aus. Manche der Nahaufnahmen (z.B. Zwerg) sehen für mich wie 28mm aus. Die Matte passt sich gut ins Stimmungsbild. Verdammt nochmal, dass Du weggezogen bist.

    Viele Grüße,
    Dr. Puppenfleisch

  2. Hi!

    Love the gaming table and the most impressive 15mm scale fantasy collection you are amassing!

    All the best!