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Mittwoch, 3. August 2011

My first 15mm Fantasy progress

First of all my House Stark Warband (Corvus Belli HYW) from Songs of Ice and Fire. I really like the Corvus Belli miniatures and I think they fit the Game of Thrones show well.

 My House Lannister Warband. In front the Kingslayer in golden armour and in the back the proud banner flying in the wind. The guy on the left is from Demonworld. The rest are also from Corvus Belli. For the Lannisters I will use some Mirliton medieval Italien knights to show their more sophisticated armour than that of the northmen.

 Some more Orcs with some converted poses and weapons as the Demonworld Orcs I got all look like the same.
 In the back there are JR miniatures (Rorke's Drift) buildings. I don't like the heavy material, but the houses are damn cheap. All Orcs shown are from the beatiful Demonworld range. The ogre is in fact a Warlords orc miniature I got for 3€.

 My first heroes for slayling all that is evil! Except the cleric in the back they are all Demonworld figures.

 Some villains: A 10mm Dragon Ogre from Warmaster, a giant rat and a ratmen plague priest. This one is a plastic bit from the rat ogre kit. Sadly the pose doesn't lend itself to more ratmen goodness.

 Some scenery. This piece is from the Battle of the Skull pass box and I'm trying to get one or two more to make a dwarf barricade.
Forest goblin spider and a Warmaster 10mm Bonegiant. So much stuff from other scales can be used for little money in 15mm.


  1. you have some excellent stuff here (the Game of Thrones in 15mm for example). What rules do you use?

    And btw, I visited Battlefield Berlin 2 years ago. Nice shop and nice guys. Shame i didn't know there was a club too.

  2. Hi,

    it's not a club really, just the "same old people showing up regularly" ;)

    I think I'm going to use the Lord of the Rings basic rules from GW. In my opinion still one of the best skirmish (to large skirmish) rulesets I know.